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Landscape Managment Systems has gone a long way since its establishment. It exemplifies a culture of growth with the community, and the island of Guam. If there was one thing that changed within the company, it would be the values that we have added throughout our years in service -- "In service to our island".

With this in mind, LMS works with these three major goals: Sustainability, Safety, and Success.


LMS has taken upon itself the responsibility of sustainability. Our projects have repeatedly met multiple LEED-gold and LEED-platinum requirements. We see the abundance and potential the island of Guam can give, and in turn, we understand how vital it is to protect it. Nature is one of the only things we cannot rebuild, LMS took it to task to do everything we can to ensure its protection and survival.

LMS formed a Green Waste processing facility with air burners and grinders to ensure sustainable practices. This Green Waste processing facility is necessary in the mitigation of the invasive Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) that has slowly affected the deterioration of the island’s coconut and other palm trees.


Additionally, LMS has taken the lead in partnering with the Guam Plant Extinction Prevention Program (GPEPP) in conserving our island’s endangered native plant species. LMS was contracted to salvage, transplant, and protect several thousands of these native endangered plant species within the NCTS area. In pursuing this goal of protection and cultivation, we manage and maintain one of the largest local nurseries dedicated to native plants with approximately 80% of our 25-acre nursery inventory consisting of native local plants.


As one of the few locally owned and operated companies capable of protecting our beautiful island, LMS is doing everything it can to ensure that Guam’s beauty remains resilient for the future generation.

Safety is more than a manual--it is how we operate. LMS currently has over 18 QC’s and 26 Competent Safety Officers that have successfully completed Army Corps of Engineer EM 385-1-1. No task is so important or so urgent that we cannot take the time to do it safely. Our commitment to safety is driven from senior management who ensure that safety policies and procedures are properly managed and implemented by LMS personnel and subcontractors.


LMS has been recognized for its dedication to safety by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC). LMS received the merit-based national Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) award in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, and has been recently awarded Diamond, the highest form of STEP award in 2016. LMS also received the Guam Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award in 2013.

LMS prides itself on  proven track record of safety. We believe that there are three elements to any project, service, or business decision- -safety, production, and quality. Safety is the most important element and will never be compromised to advance production or quality. It is our tenet that injuries and accidents are preventable and that all jobs and services are be conducted in a safe and healthy work environment. To that end, we promote a corporate culture in which safety always takes precedence. In order to comply with our vision of safety, we expend resources to ensure that employees have the appropriate supplies, equipment and training to maximize a safe working environment. Further, we evaluate employees on a variety of traits, including safety. In sum, LMS strives to comply with all Federal and Local rules and regulations and to continuously improve to meet our ultimate goal of an accident free working environment.


Continuous improvement is the bedrock of LMS’ culture of growth. LMS is constantly evolving processes and procedures to improve our best work, as demonstrated by our consistent receipt of numerous Excellence in Safety and Excellence in Construction Awards.


LMS continues to expand its reach on island by partnering with Pacific Alliance, LLC, a renowned and successful project management and engineering firm. With this partnership, LMS designed and installed Guam Windward Memorial, an extraordinary garden cemetery located in Yona, Guam.


To LMS, such achievements are not extraordinary accomplishments-- these achievements are a habit. LMS continues to grow and strengthen both itself and the quality of its work year after year. Since the receipt of the NAVFAC contract, LMS received three very good and two excellent reviews from NAVFAC. In past annual evaluations, the LMS of today is always better than the LMS of yesterday.

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