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Bob Salas is the owner and Director of LMS Guam. From humble beginnings, he single-handedly pioneered the professional landscape design industry in Guam by establishing LMS as it is known today. Since the fruition of his business idea, he has assembled a five acre nursery with over 500 species of plants; consulted on numerous real estate projects on island; and has built partnering relationships with a number of on-island and off-island businesses for Guam’s development.

With more than 20 years of experience in the areas of architecture and landscaping, Bob lead LMS to success with the utmost dedication to his craft and the love for the island. Prior to gaining complete ownership of LMS, he served the Guam Department of Land Management (DLM) from 1979 to 1986 as a professional surveyor on a vast number of projects across the island. 

From 1986 to 1994 he was a self-employed developer and contractor. During his time, he was able to hone his real estate and business consulting skills as he worked with major developers such as Sumitomo Construction Co., and Kumangaigumi Construction Co. It was also during this time that Bob was able to identify

and negotiate the purchase of land in Manenggon Hills for the development of the LeoPalace Resort Guam.  He also worked with the developers of the Mangilao Golf Course, Piti Underwater Observatory (Fish Eye), and the Cocos Island Resort.



As of today, Bob serves as a Guam Chamber Executive Board member and will continue to serve in said position for three years. He was the highest vote getter during the Guam Chamber of Commerce Election that was held in 2017 (See article below). He was also the treasurer, vice-chairman, chairman, and past Chairman of the Guam Contractor Association.


Today, Bob continues to move forward with his vision for the island of Guam and still resides on the beautiful island of Guam with his wife Delta and his two sons Rob and Randy.

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